Welcome to the DM Consulting website.
I am Diane Marangelo, Certified Legal Nurse Consultant and owner, who proudly boasts positive collaboration with Attorneys. My mission is to review and highlight case- differentiating facts that lead to unwavering advocacy for patients and families in search of renewed stability.

DM Consulting can bring to you:

Invaluable pre-emptive insight
Review cases for merit based on standard of care and evidence of negligenceChronicle Nursing Home cases for Medicare and Medicaid policy compliance
Provide chart reviews for quality of care and adherence to standards of practice
Globally review and cite policy and practice issues related to competency
Characterize Patient Rights, wound care, hospice and end of life issues.
Identify, research and deliver missing or supporting evidence
Expert witness representation

The DM Consulting philosophy is to always be in a collaborative partnership with attorneys in search of objective, candid and time-bound case reviews.

By engaging DM Consulting, you will have placed yourself in immediate touch with over thirty years of the best clinical and patient care review expertise. Please call me. I know I can help you.